Run, Forrest, run!

Today, I was a Course Monitor for the Garmin Marathon. I was up before the sun so that I could get to my spot along the race route. I enjoy being a support person – a cheerleader with a cow bell. Because who doesn’t get inspired to run faster when you hear the clanging of […]

Mistress Mary, how does your garden grow?

Mistress Mary would indeed be quite contrary after learning how my opponent voted on SB 314. He voted against the bill “because [he] saw no need to (re)create another government board.” (source) The local food and farm task force would: Identify financial opportunities, technical support and training necessary for local and specialty crop production. Identify strategies […]

Making cities prettier, or not.

SB 338 revises provisions of law pertaining to the authority of cities and nonprofit organizations to petition the district court to possess abandoned property temporarily for rehabilitation purposes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see neglected areas of your city looking prettier? Apparently my opponent — he voted against this bill. His reasoning for voting against […]