Done observing, making my move!

I’m a quiet observer (not an introvert), a woman who sits back to take in the entire scene before making a move. This is how I approached running for the KS House. I didn’t want to rush into something only because I was frustrated. I was optimistic that I could use my voice to make a positive impact – to initiate change.

After five years of cancer advocacy in Topeka and Washington, DC, my voice was being heard on local TV and with our delegation in Washington, but it seemed to be falling on deaf ears in Topeka. My Representative has been more interested in his extreme personal agenda than to the voters in the district (check his voting record like I did if you don’t believe me).

I couldn’t just observe anymore, it was time to take action and make a move beyond writing letters, making phone calls or having in-person meetings. So I filed to run.

I’ve been meeting with folks in the district – friends, neighbors, teachers, business owners, district leaders – listening to their concerns. Although I’m actively campaigning, I’m still quietly observing. Because a good leader also needs to be a good listener.