It’s the little things

There’s a cliche – it’s the little things that make a big difference. This holds true in many aspects of life — even when talking about school budgets.

This morning, I attended ONW’s Principal’s Roundtable – a gathering of ONW parents listening to school updates and having an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns. There were less than 20 parents in attendance – there are approximately 2,180 students enrolled at ONW. Not sure if that’s a reflection of anything or not…

One takeaway from the meeting that I found interesting — the reason that report cards weren’t printed out at the end of the first quarter was two-fold: 1) parents are being directed to use ParentVue (an online app to track a student’s progress) and 2) to save money.

Something that others might not think about is how costly printing is — the costs of paper and toner quickly add up. But I do. In a former position, I was tasked with cutting printing costs which ended up saving the company $8,000. Report cards aren’t printed on the typical standard weight paper, so the cost is greater. Now, bare with me (I’m a writer, not a mather)… If a ream of paper has 500 sheets, it would take about 4.5 reams of paper to print off report cards for ONW students each quarter; for a total of 18 reams for the year.

Let’s expand this out…

There are 29,567 students currently enrolled in the Olathe School District. It would take approximately 60 reams of paper to print report cards for one quarter – 240 reams for the entire year.

Is having a printed report card in your hand four times a school year really that important when you look at the big picture? And did you know…that you can print report cards from the ParentView app?

I applaud ONW for making a small change that will have a positive difference — a few trees and dollars saved! And once less piece of paper for me to figure out what to do with it.


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