Small town feel in the big city!

I went to school in a small town – Pacific, MO – that has a current population of 7,077. The town I actually lived in – Catawissa, MO – has a current population of 2,201. I also spent a great deal of time in Union, MO – that’s where my grandparents and only aunt lived. The population of Union is currently 10,577.

I know this because I Googled it. Why would I Google the population of cities that I grew up in? Because as I prepare to ‘hit the streets’ of District 14, I wanted to have something to compare it to the approximately 23,000 folks who live in the district.

So, if I add up the populations of those three cities – I’m still about 3,154 short!! That just blows my mind!

How does a city with an approximate population of 131,885 keep the small town feel? Is it Disney magic? Are the numbers padded? I do not know the answer. But what I do know is that I absolutely love living in Olathe! It has everything that my family and I need – it’s our hometown and we’re Olathe proud!

*Note to self: wear comfortable shoes!