To AP or not to AP (might not be an option anymore)

Before yesterday, the question of whether or not my son would take AP-level classes his senior year of high school was our choice. A choice that myself, my husband and son, and our son’s teachers had made together — as a team.  On 2/16, my son submitted his class choices for next year — his senior year at ONW. Two of his classes will be AP-level (AP stands are Advanced Placement) and these classes will better prepare him for college-level classes and meet admission requirements.

Then, on 2/17, the House Education Committee passed, without a full hearing mind you (meaning both for/against giving testimony), a bill (HB 2676) that would essentially do away with AP-level courses. What the heck? Talk about a blindside hit.

Here’s a snippet from the Under The Dome article, “…Today was essentially a pre-emptive re-opening of a hearing that had been closed, inviting only proponents to the hearing and notifying the public about the hearing by titling it a “Presentation on the History of Education.” Had the Chairman actually posted what they were doing, opponents would have been at the hearing.”… (Can you say transparency? Apparently, the House Ed Committee can’t.)

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The new section that’s causing the uproar is this: New Sec. 3. (a) The state shall retain sole control over the development, establishment and revision of K-12 curriculum standards. You see, AP-level courses are modeled after national guidelines, not Kansas’. Thus rendering them useless if this senseless bill actually gets passed.

Topeka can’t keep changing the rules mid-game…and they can’t keep ignoring the voices of those who are actively in the game.