Save Our Schools! Support Our Schools!

Do you see the trend? Our schools need help…ASAP!!

On this beautiful March morning, my family and I made a trip to Topeka to show how serious we are in supporting our public schools. We finished the last mile of Game On for Kansas School’s 60-mile walk to Topeka.


It was good to see so many familiar faces in the crowd. Many of whom are becoming fast friends thanks to our shared passion to make Kansas better again and to return common sense to the Statehouse.

Can you find me in this picture of the group of supporters on the Statehouse steps?


The rotunda was packed with supporters (the below picture doesn’t truly capture the crowd). Sadly, I could count the number of legislators in attendance on two hands with fingers left over. I guess the others were hiding in the shadows afraid to show their faces because they know we’re upset about what they’re allowing to happen to our educators and school districts. It’s deplorable. Of course my opponent did not make an appearance — despite his past campaign platform that states he supports Olathe’s public schools. But then again, his words and actions (voting record) haven’t been matching up lately (more on that in a future blog post).


My family and I enjoyed the quick trip to Topeka — together we put the fun in road trips (seriously, we could have our own TV show — Road Tripping with the Gabels).


I’m looking forward to spending more time in our state’s capitol next year! 😉