Coordination and delegation are not the same.

SB 408 amends the list of mandatory reporters of physical, mental, emotional, or sexual abuse of a child to include licensed behavior analysts and licensed assistant behavior analysts. It passed with a 103-19 vote.

According to my opponent, he voted against this bill because “it allows the Attorney General to delegate his responsibility to other law enforcement agencies.”

Reading the supplemental notes, I did not read that the AG would delegate his responsibilities – but that he would coordinate with other agencies. Coordination and delegation are not the same.

In the hearing before the House Committee on Judiciary, the Attorney General and the Executive Director of the Disability Rights Center of Kansas testified in support of the bill. Representatives of DCF, AARP Kansas, and Leading Age Kansas submitted written testimony supporting the bill. There was no opponent or neutral testimony.

Apparently, the Attorney General’s support of this bill wasn’t good enough to get my opponent’s vote.

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  1. Kathy June 17, 2016 at 12:00 am - Reply

    Your opponent is a nut!

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