Show me the money!

Remember Jerry Maguire‘s “Show me the money!” scene?

jerry m

Well, as I’m reading over bills that my opponent has voted for, the “Show me the money!” scene came to mind. Because, if my opponent isn’t voting with folks in the district in mind, just who is he representing when in office? I may have found my answer…

In researching SB 366 (my opponent voted for the bill), I found it interesting that of the groups who spoke in favor of supporting the various bills that were bundled into SB 366, my opponent has consistently received campaign contributions from the following political action committees (PACs) who were listed:

  • Representatives of the Kansas Association of Realtors
  • Kansas Building Industry Association
  • Kansas Restaurant and Hospitality Association
  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • Kansas Chamber of Commerce
  • Kansas Beverage Association
  • Kansas Livestock Association

The definition of a representative is a person elected by the people who are then held accountable to them for their activity within government.

I must have missed the Webster’s addendum that it’s the people who finance a representative’s campaign who they are then accountable to.

I promise to be accountable to you. My vote (which is really your vote) cannot be bought.