What happens when you decide to run for elected office?

For me, it started as a rather private decision. I spoke with my husband, and then my employer — I needed both on board with the idea first. Then, on a Monday afternoon I stopped by the Johnson County Election Office to fill out the paperwork. I actually had to come back because the woman-in-the-know was out to lunch. Guess no one is beating down the doors to file for candidacy.

Once the paperwork was recorded and copies made, I went home. There was no confetti, no balloons dropping from the ceiling, no horns blowing; only a few handshakes and best wishes. Just me walking out the door with a simple piece of paper in hand that could possibly change my life, and my family’s life.

A few hours later, after notifying my extended family about what I had done, I posted to social media – Facebook – and then the whirlwind started…

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