Survey says…

richard-dawson-survey-saysI used to watch Family Feud with my grandparents all the time. Every now and then I’ll catch the revised show with Steve Harvey (or watch a YouTube highlight of the funniest part). I’m sure the questions were just as risque then as they are today — probably more so today. There are certain questions that I just shake my head at and wonder who in the world thought to ask that? Then there are the answers from the family members…yowza!

Now that I’m running for office, surveys are hitting my inbox on a daily basis – sometimes multiple surveys each day. I had no idea that so many organizations care about my views on various topics.

I am being selective on which ones I respond to. I tend to shy away from those that only offer a Yes or No choice as my response. I’d be more likely to respond if I could select Other and provide input into my answer. I mean, even Richard Dawson took time to ask a guest to expand on their answer to a question. It’s not that I’m trying to hide something — I just know the importance of words and do not want mine to be used against me. One survey asked me whether or not I opposed the possibility of human-animal hybrids. When I thought about that one, all I could picture was Aquaman. I mean, would he be considered a man or a fish? Since I couldn’t answer that without laughing, I thought it best to file that survey away.

As a technical writer, I’m tasked with making a complicated process simple. In order to do that, I have to ask questions. I have to look at the process from different angles, consider the audience and whether more or less information is best. It’s never as simple as Yes or No.

So, I’ll take that approach with me to the Statehouse. I’ll take time to read all the words — the ones being added or removed and how that effects the words already there. And I will always provide a reason for my vote – even if you don’t ask me for it.

And if you want to know where I stand on a certain issue – ask me.