A Scouting Family

My family is a scouting family. I’ve been my daughter’s Girl Scout troop leader since she was a Daisy (she’s now a Cadette) – now she’s doing the Indy Girl program and isn’t attached to a troop, so I’ve become her mentor. My son is a Life Scout (“this close” to Eagle). I was his Cub Scout den leader, then handed off to my husband when my son crossed over to Boy Scouts (so I could focus on Girl Scouts). My husband is now the troop’s Scoutmaster. Basically, if it’s a weekend, we’re out doing something with scouts (although I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus to campaign).

On Friday, the best thing happened — my son finished his Eagle Project!! I should say finally finished it. Two years ago he heard a presentation at his high school from KidsTLC.

KidsTLC provides children with a continuum of care through innovative and successful psychiatric residential treatment, outpatient behavioral health, homeless outreach for teens, autism and parent support programs.

The program touched my son in a profound way. He felt a calling to do something for KidsTLC. At the time, he was the Senior Patrol Leader of Troop 315; so he, his Scoutmaster and I met with KidsTLC. Two things came out of this meeting — the idea to connect our troop with KidsTLC on an on-going basis and my son’s project.

Working with my son, I used the on-going community service piece as part of my Woodbadge Ticket. The troop hosts a quarterly fun night at the KidsTLC facilities – either a pinewood derby or rain gutter regatta. The scouts work with the kids to build a car or boat and then the kids race them. It’s been a great experience and provides the scouts with an opportunity to work with a diverse group of kids. From this service project, one boy who was in the KidsTLC program has since joined our troop. My son and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

My son’s Eagle Project was to build a set of concrete stairs to address a safety issue and provide easier access to a grassy play area. With his school and sports schedule, summer was the only available time to complete it. So as the temps reached near 100, a group of 15 scouts and 3 adults worked hard to build the stairs.


Scoutmaster Dad (Craig) & Scout (Alex) 

My son needs to complete just a few merit badges still, but the biggest obstacle – the project – is complete! His goal is to earn Eagle rank by September.

Now it’s time to work with my daughter on earning her Silver Award in Girl Scouts.