Got an A!

Ok, I’m back to making grades that I’m much more familiar with. Women For Kansas has put out their Voters Guide and my campaign has been given an A rating!

Candidates who have demonstrated a knowledge of the issues, a clear commitment to the broader interests of the people of Kansas, and the courage to resist special interest pressures.

I’ve enjoyed being an active member of the local Women For Kansas chapter. It’s empowering. Our nation is 240 years old, but women have only been able to vote for the last 96 years. However, many women held office before they had the right to vote — most filled the office and finished a term as a result of their husband’s death. In 2015, Kansas had 28 women in the House and 13 in the Senate for a total of 41 out of 165 seats — which is 24.8%. WHAT?!! That’s pathetic. I want to see that number significantly increase in the upcoming elections — first on Aug. 2 and then again on Nov. 8.