Words vs. Actions – Job Creation

Actions speak louder than words…

Let’s look at my opponent’s words and the actions he took regarding job creation.

Creating Jobs & Opportunity: Kansas now has more than 80,000 newly created private sector jobs, with tremendous growth and diversification in Johnson County.

This statement is the gold standard of the GOP (meaning all the incumbents are using it). And IT IS NOT TRUE! (source)

Here are key votes that have negatively impacted jobs in Kansas (my opponent voted YES to all):

  • 2015 H Sub SB 4: Patched $800M shortfall with initial mid-year 4% cut, payment delays & transfers. No tax policy fix.
  • 2015 H Sub SB 112: Uncapped transportation (KDOT) debt ceiling to borrow $400M more, in addition to the cumulative sweep of $1.4B from KDOT. No tax policy fix.
  • 2015 HB 2109: Patched remaining budget shortfall with largest tax increase in Kansas history, highest sales tax on food and more cuts. Depleted all state reserve funds. No tax policy fix.
  • 2016 H Sub SB 161: Patched $137M budget shortfall with initial mid-year fund sweeps, one-time transfers and granting the Governor authority for more budget cuts. Sale of Kansas Bioscience Authority pending. No tax policy fix.  
  • 2016 H Sub SB 249: Patched remaining budget shortfall with delayed KPERS payment, fund transfers, fees, more higher education cuts, and delayed highway projects. Projected negative 2017 ending balance by $174M. No tax policy fix.

With my opponent’s continued votes to allow funds to be swept from KDOT, this has resulted in a -4.7% loss in construction jobs from Jan. 2015 to Jan. 2016 (source). 25 projects have been cancelled. Projects that contractors had been depending on. So now, local companies are having to find jobs outside the state. How’s that for ‘trickle down economics’?

Also, did you know that in December 2014, my opponent opened his own LLC? I wonder if he’s paying income tax? If he’s not, I wonder if he’s used that savings to hire others — the purpose of the LLC tax exemption in the first place was to stimulate job growth and the economy; so far all it’s done is create a revenue shortfall (consistently since its adoption).