Words vs. Actions – Guns

Actions speak louder than words…

Let’s look at my opponent’s words and the actions he took regarding guns.

Protected & Expanded 2nd Amendment Rights: New measures expand your freedom to lawfully protect your family. Also passed “Right to Hunt” constitutional amendment initiative to protect Kansas hunting rights.

Okay, I wasn’t going to touch this one, but…

In the case of District of Columbia vs. Heller (2008), the decision emphasized that no right is absolute. Meaning that gun control (or gun safety as I like to think of it) measures would not always violate the Second Amendment.

It’s those measures that I want to see in place. Myself and countless others (seriously, I’ve lost count as to how many folks I’ve spoken to on doorsteps and at community events who understand and support my views on the Second Amendment) don’t want to take away guns. We just want sensible measures taken to increase the knowledge of owners and ensure the safety of others.

Yes, I’m for the “Right to Hunt” – HCR 5008 now goes to the people to decide.

As for voting records…it’s very easy to determine how my opponent will vote on anything gun related. All you have to do is look at who is contributing to his campaign. He’s supported by the NRA, KS Rifle Assoc., Hodgdon (The Gun Powder People) — he will vote with them, not you.

BTW, Local Chambers and City Councils, KS Board of Regents, Local Police Departments all opposed SB 45 which allows concealed carry without requiring a license. So, if he won’t listen to them…