Words vs. Actions – Property Tax Relief

Actions speak louder than words…

Let’s look at my opponent’s words and the actions he took regarding property tax relief.

Implemented Property Tax Relief: Beginning in 2017, proposed property tax increases will require a public vote. Projected future savings: $1.6 billion.

First, we’ve seen what happens when the legislature “projects” things — projections tend to fall short. How were the projected savings determined? Secondly, although I don’t necessarily like paying property tax, I do enjoy the benefits it brings, things like — great schools (Did you know that there are NO failing public schools in Kansas?), libraries, parks and trails, curbside recycling, beyond excellent fire and safety. In fact, did you know that…

  • Olathe’s Fire Department is an ISO Class 1 community. Meaning, businesses and residents can enjoy lower insurance premiums because of this rating (seriously, call your insurance provider and ask about it).
  • Olathe’s Police Department receives above average scores in the Benchmark Cities Survey.
  • Lenexa’s Fire Department has been awarded Accredited Agency Status by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International.

Local spending and taxing decisions are best left to the local officials representing the citizens that elected them. The state legislators are constantly pushing back on federal legislators to stop placing mandates on the state, yet the state is constantly placing mandates on local governments. That’s rather hypocritical, don’t you think?

Counties and cities will be responsible for paying all costs associated with conducting tax-lid elections. Where are the projected savings coming from again?

Who would you rather have in charge of your property taxes — local folks or those out-of-touch with local districts?