You’ve Got Mail

Well, today was the day that it finally happened — a negative postcard about me arrived in the mail.


My husband intercepted it before I arrived home from work — allowing time to discuss it with my kids. I mean, who wants to read something negative and totally false about their mom? They prepared to break the news to me gently, and with a Snickers bar (a weakness after cupcakes and coffee).

But I had a surprise for them — I was prepared for it to arrive. My other candidate friends have been receiving theirs and posting about it on social media. Secretly, I’ve been hoping for the T-Rex themed postcard (it’s cute and I like the fonts). But this one is just as nice — my name is spelled wrong! I mean, seriously! Spell the name wrong of the professional writer. Come on! You had one job — replace the picture and name from the previous postcard. At least my first name is correct.

I was confused by the postcard — aren’t I running for a state seat? I guess desperate times call for desperate measures. Since Brownback and his supporters (my opponent) like to blame Washington for our state woes, this postcard is only fitting.

One thing though — whoever took my picture from my Facebook account without asking and photoshopped it, will have to answer to a certain man with a white beard come December…


Santa and I are tight. December 25 is my birthday!