Mic check…

My first public political speaking engagement is fast approaching. In fact, it’s this coming Wednesday, Jan. 13. That’s just two more sleeps away, folks!! Am I nervous? Only slightly. I think everyone experiences a touch of nervousness when thinking about speaking in front of a group of strangers, but I’ve had plenty of experience with being […]

Stickers Make Me Smile

In my youth, I remember going to the dentist and getting a sticker at the end of the appointment. As a parent, I watched my kids agonize over just the right sticker to choose at their pediatrician’s office. Last week, I was reminded that, even at 43, stickers make me smile — especially ones that […]

The Truth IS Out There

He said, she said…they say, we say…I say, you say… There’s always three sides to a story – mine, yours and the truth. Now, it’s not to say that either side is lying, but each side has their own set of values and opinions; and these shape how they tell their side of the story. […]

Nesting dolls

Let’s think about nesting dolls for a moment — how they fit nicely inside one another and in a particular order. You can start with the biggest and decrease or you can start with the smallest and increase. But you can’t go out of order. And when finished, at the heart, is always the smallest […]

It’s the little things

There’s a cliche – it’s the little things that make a big difference. This holds true in many aspects of life — even when talking about school budgets. This morning, I attended ONW’s Principal’s Roundtable – a gathering of ONW parents listening to school updates and having an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns. […]